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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The Bosch MKD112A-024-KG0-AN is a robust Rexroth MKD synchronous motor featuring a 192mm flange size, 130mm centering diameter, and a size 112 motor frame with 15 Nm continuous torque at standstill in a 60K housing overtemperature scenario (17 Nm at 100K). With a winding code of 024, this motor offers integrated resolver feedback and a multiturn absolute encoder. Though the standard package does not include a holding brake, optional 22 Nm and 32 Nm holding torque brakes are available. The plain motor shaft features a sealing ring, end-sided centering hole with DS thread, and requires a separate complete featherkey for balancing. The MKD112A-024-KG0-AN has four pole pairs, a peak current rating of 49 Amps, a rated speed of 2500 RPM, and a maximum operational speed of 4000 RPM. The motor weighs approximately 23 kg and is designed for optimal performance at an elevation of up to 1000 meters and an ambient temperature range of 0-40°C. It is equipped with a side A power connector and includes a one-year global warranty from Servo Supplier.
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