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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The Rexroth Indramat MKD112C-024-KG0-LN is a robust and durable industrial servo motor designed for prolonged, high-performance operation in diverse production environments. It functions via two essential electrical connections: a power cable and a motor feedback cable. The motor is well-protected within a sturdy, environmentally resistant enclosure that safeguards against detrimental conditions like dust, water, and vibrations. Unique features such as a resolver feedback with integrated multiturn absolute encoder offer operators real-time oversight of motor operation. With a 192mm long flange conforming to DIN 42948 quality standards, the MKD112C-024-KG0-LN includes a built-in internal air blower for thermal regulation, with the possibility of installing an additional blower unit. This servo motor is capable of bearing high radial loads, making it suitable for assembly and handling systems. Its efficient operation is powered by a rated current of 21.8 Amperes and a voltage of 404-volts, along with a superior torque-to-mass ratio due to its brushless design. Able to reach speeds up to 4500 min-1 at a maximum current of 120 Amperes, the MKD112C-024-KG0-LN servo motor comes with a one-year global warranty from Servo Supplier.
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