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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The MKD112D-024-KP2-AN is a cutting-edge servo motor developed by Bosch Rexroth for precise speed and position control in diverse industrial environments. This servo motor partners seamlessly with Rexroth's advanced drive control systems, enabling real-time compatibility between actual and programmed operational parameters through a dual internal position control loop system. With the incorporation of pre-lubricated, grease lubricated bearings, this model supports high radial loads and allows the overhung positioning of belt pulleys and pinions. The MKD112D-024-KP2-AN motor's unique positive torque to inertia mass ratio provides superior performance under continuously changing load conditions. Furthermore, the servo motor utilizes F-class insulation materials for high thermal resistance up to 311°F, making it reliable for various applications, including packaging, handling, paper manufacturing, printing and the food industry. Special permanent magnets facilitate accurate high-speed start-stop actions, plus the ability to utilize peak torque at any motor speed. Installation is versatile, as the motor can be fitted in any required position, and startup is simplified via the motor's encoder unit with included data memory. This superior product is available for global shipping with a one-year warranty through Servo Supplier.
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