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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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Bosch Rexroth's IndraDyn S MSK Synchronous Motors are engineering products aimed at providing superior automation technologies. These synchronous motors feature a speed that is proportionate to the supplied current, ensuring synchronized shaft rotation. The model title, MSK050C-0300-NN-S1-UP0-NNNN, encodes essential product features and specifications. With modernized optical encoder systems and a high torque density, this product is the epitome of cutting-edge technology. It boasts an exceptional maximum torque of 15Nm and operates on a maximum current of 12,4A. With performance at 4700 rpm and a 6.60 ohm winding resistance at 20 degrees, it exhibits excellent responsiveness. Other important characteristics include a maximum permissible axial force of 300N, 19mm shaft diameter, and 5Nm stall torque. These curated features ensure optimal performance, lowered running costs, and enhanced efficiency, making this model suitable for standard and demanding applications alike.
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Technical Specifications
  • Product type: Bosch Rexroth IndraDyn S MSK Synchronous Motor
  • Model: MSK050C-0300-NN-S1-UP0-NNNN
  • Max Torque: 15Nm
  • Max Current: 12.4A
  • Speed: 4700 rpm
  • Winding resistance at 20 degree: 6.60 ohm
  • Max permissible axial force: 300N
  • Shaft diameter: 19mm
  • Stall torque: 5Nm
  • Motor Type: Synchronous

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