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Produced by Bosch Rexroth Indramat, the MSK071D-0300-NN-M3-UP1-NNNN is an industrial-grade synchronous motor meticulously designed by expert engineers to transform electrical energy into kinetic energy for use in various industrial machinery involved in processing and production tasks. Built adhering to European and American quality standards, this motor is tested thoroughly to conform to its technical specifics listed in the provided manual. It also has an identification tag displaying crucial information about the controller. The motor uses rare-earth magnets to create an electromagnetic field, triggering the rotor's rotation. However, it can interfere with certain medical devices like pacemakers and hearing aids. The motor maintains a torque constant of roughly 1.75 newton-meters and a voltage constant of 107.3 volts per minute at around 20°C. Its winding inductance is 6.0 millihenry. The MSK071D-0300-NN-M3-UP1-NNNN motor has six pole pairs, emits a sound pressure level of approximately 75 decibels, and its housing should be frequently cleaned to prevent heat accumulation.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth Indramat
  • Product Type: Industrial synchronous motor
  • Quality Standards: American and European
  • Configuration: Needs trained personnel
  • Materials Used: Rare earth magnets
  • Usage Precautions: Can affect cardiac pacemakers, hearing aids, metal implants
  • Motor Temperature: 20 degrees Celsius
  • Torque Constant: 1.75-newton meters
  • Voltage Constant: 107.3 volts per minute
  • Winding Inductivity: 6.0 millihenry
  • Sound Pressure Level: 75 decibels
  • Pole Pairs: 6
  • Maintenance: Regular housing cleaning required

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