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The MSK100A-0300-NN-M2-AG0-RNNN, from Bosch Rexroth Indramat, is a high-quality synchronous motor with an A-side electrical connection. With a maximum rotational speed of 5200 RPM, it needs steady positioning for optimal performance and to avoid inefficiency due to vibrations. The motor operates between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius and is capable at altitudes from 0 to 1000 meters. Its constant current is 15.3 A, generating a steady torque of 22.5 Nm, with a peak of 54 Nm and continuous output of 15 Nm at 60 k. The corrosion-resistant black exterior houses a plain output shaft with a sealing ring preventing lubricant contamination. It runs below 75 decibels, weighs 23 kg, has a winding resistance of 1.10 ohms and inductance of 11.20 mH. Furthermore, it incorporates an EnDat2.1 absolute encoder with multi-turn capability. Operating at an optimal continuous torque of 17 Nm at 11.6 A at 100 k, the IP65-certified motor needs a drive controller and should only be installed and operated by a professional.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Product: MSK100A-0300-NN-M2-AG0-RNNN
  • Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth Indramat
  • Electrical Connection Location: A side of housing
  • Maximum Speed: 5200 revolutions per minute
  • Operational Temperature Range: 0 to + 40 degrees Celsius
  • Altitude Range: 0 to 1000 meters
  • Constant Current: 15.3 A
  • Constant Torque Output: 22.5 Nm
  • Maximum Torque Output: 54 Nm
  • Continuous Torque Output at 60K: 15Nm
  • Motor Exterior Color: Black
  • Output Shaft Sealing: Sealing ring installed
  • Noise Emission: below 75 decibels
  • Weight: 23kg
  • Winding Resistance: 1.10 ohms
  • Winding Inductance: 11.20 mH
  • Thermal Time Constant: 39 minutes
  • Encoder Type: EnDat2.1 with multiple turns
  • Protection Level: IP65
  • Continuous Torque at low constant current (100K): 17 Nm
  • Thermal Class: 155.

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