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The NFD04.1-440-080 is an industrial mains filter created by Bosch Rexroth Indramat, designed to shield drive controllers from excess electrical current produced by industrial motors. The application of this filter in a servo system can minimize machine breakdowns, which, in turn, can result in financial savings on frequent repair costs. Manufactured to international quality standards, the device is notable for its durability, often exceeding five years of operation, and its resilience as its housing meets the IP20 protection class, providing resistance against large solid foreign particles. This filter is well suited for a variety of industrial machines and has a leakage current exceeding 3.5 milliamperes, requiring grounding before operation to avoid electrical accidents. The device operates quietly and efficiently at a continuous rated current of 80 amperes and a nominal rated voltage of 400 volts. It can function in temperatures between 0 to 40 degrees Celsius and should be stored in a -25 to +80 degrees Celsius range when not in use.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth Indramat
  • Product Model: NFD04.1-440-080
  • Product Type: Industrial Mains Filter
  • Designed for: Protection of Industrial Drive Controller from excess electrical current
  • Quality Standards: International
  • Housing Protection Class: IP20
  • Applications: Industrial machines (Food processing to textile machines)
  • Leakage Current: Higher than 3.5 milliamperes
  • Noise Level: None under normal operation conditions
  • Continuous Rated Current: 80 Amperes
  • Nominal Rated Voltage: 400 Volts
  • Operational Temperature: 0 to 40 Degrees Celsius
  • Storage Temperature: -25 to +80 Degrees Celsius.

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