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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The Kollmorgen P70360-PNN is a top-tier micro-stepping AC drive from the P7000 series. This drive, which has a 3.5A peak AC rate and 120VAC/240VAC voltage rating, is designed to provide step/direction and indexing functionality, without any need for electrical feedback. It operates with a power dissipation of 15W at 3.5A. General purpose outputs are rated at a maximum of 30VDC voltage and 10A current. This drive must be installed below 1500m and stored between -20 and +70 degrees. Proper performance may occasionally require fan cooling, and for optimum heat regulation, the drive should be installed upright with heat sink fins placed to the left. Key features also include a quick <1ms current reversion time, 20mA current rating ENABLE input, and signals to be stepped and directed via shielded and twisted pair cables. Compliant with cUL and CE certifications, this product can be shipped worldwide.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Product Series: P7000
  • Manufacturer: Kollmorgen
  • Product Type: Micro-Stepping AC Drive
  • Peak AC Rating: 3.5A
  • Voltage Rating: 120VAC/240VAC
  • Functionality: Step/Direction and Indexing
  • Feedback: None
  • Electrical Option: None
  • Power Dissipation: 15W at 3.5A
  • Reduced Idle Current to Full Current Time: Less than 1ms
  • General Purpose Outputs Voltage: 30VDC
  • General Purpose Outputs Current: 10A
  • Installation Height: Less than 1500m
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
  • Cooling Requirement: May require fan cooling
  • Heat Sink Position: To the left when mounted upright
  • LED ON/OFF Time: 250ns
  • ENABLE Input Current: 20mA
  • Signal Cables: Shielded and Twisted Pair
  • Motor Inductance: 50mH to 200mH with 320VDC bus supply
  • Certification: cUL Recognized and CE Certified
  • Delivery: Worldwide.

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