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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The R33GENC-R2-NS-NV-00 is a high-quality industrial brushless servo motor produced by Pacific Scientific. Designed for advanced industrial automation, this motor ensures seamless operation of complicated tasks. It is equipped with samarium-cobalt permanent magnets for excellent torque-to-inertia capabilities and low rotor inertia for rapid acceleration or deceleration. It operates on 240V AC and 320V DC power, with speed rated up to 7,000 RPM and a continuous torque range between 0.32Nm to 5.0Nm. Built for durability, the motor features steel bearing inserts, class H insulation system, and robust brushless construction. It also has an IP65 protection level against harsh conditions. Use of peak currents or torques above 3x the continuous rating should be consulted with Pacific Scientific. The product requires a power cable and feedback cable for connection. For optimal performance, operate it at 25°C ambient, installed on a 10"x10"x1/4" aluminum heat sink. Customization options are available.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Pacific Scientific
  • Product Name: R33GENC-R2-NS-NV-00
  • Type: Brushless Servo Motor
  • Permanent Magnets: Samarium-Cobalt
  • Electricity Requirement: 240V ac and 320V dc bus operation
  • Rated Speed: Up to 7,000 RPM
  • Rated Torque Range: 0.32Nm and 5.0Nm
  • Torque to Inertia Ratio: High
  • Construction: Rugged Brushless
  • Protection Level: IP65
  • Power Cable Required: Yes
  • Feedback Cable Required: Yes
  • Optimal Operating Condition: 25°C ambient, mounted to a 10" x 10" x 1/4" aluminum heat sink
  • Customizable: Yes

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