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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The R34JENT-TS-LB-NV-01 is a High-Performance Servo Motor, meticulously crafted by Pacific Scientific. Renowned for providing the highest torque-to-inertia ratio in the R series lineup, it is uniquely optimized for top dynamic performance. Moreover, the R34JENT-TS-LB-NV-01 is fabricated with brushless, rugged construction delivering robust high-torque across varying speeds. Characteristic features include an anti-cog motor design, Class H insulation, an overtemperature thermistor, and a range of feedback options. Optionally, a brake can also be included. Benefits of employing the R34JENT-TS-LB-NV-01 include the elimination of brush replacements, increased machine throughput, and exceptionally smooth low-speed operations. It is designed with an IP65 rated, Rugged TENV, withstanding harsh washdown conditions. Additional construction elements include rare earth magnetics, customizable shaft configurations, and an 'O' ring that prevents the outer bearing race from rotating, thus prolonging bearing life.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Pacific Scientific
  • Product Type: High Performance Servo Motor
  • Model Number: R34JENT-TS-LB-NV-01
  • Feature: Highest torque-to-inertia ratio
  • Motor Construction: Rugged brushless construction
  • Design Feature: High torque over wide range of speed
  • Additional Feature: Anti-cog motor design
  • Insulation Type: Class H
  • Temperature Control: Overtemperature thermistor
  • Additional Options: Multiple feedback and brake options
  • Benefits: Longevity, low machine downtime, high torque, smooth operation
  • Construction Details: Rugged TENV, IP65 washdown construction
  • Additional Construction Features: Optional shaft configurations, Rare earth magnetics and “O” ring for bearing longevity

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