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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The R911279424 (MHD112C-058-PP3-AN) motor, made by Bosch Rexroth Indramat, is a MHD series synchronous motor, equipped with a built-in holding brake. The specifications are as follows: frame size 112, length C, and winding code 058, with a total motor housing length of 458mm. Other characteristics include a centering diameter of 130mm, a flange size of 192mm, and a 32mm diameter shaft with a sealing ring and key. For this model, the power connector is on side A of the housing and the holding brake's specifications are: 70 Nm holding torque, 24V rated voltage, 1.29 Amps rated current, 53ms connection time, and 97ms disconnection time. The holding brake and motor weigh 3.8kg and 45kg respectively, with an overall weight of 48.8kg. It has a torque constant of 0.8 Nm/A, a voltage constant of 72.7 volts/1000 RPM, and a winding resistance of 0.12 Ohms (all at 20°C). This model also features a winding inductivity of 0.12 millihenry, four pole pairs, and a built-in multiturn absolute encoder. Depending on cooling method and operating conditions, performance specifications alter; however, at 60K overtemperature with natural convection, rated speed is 2000 RPM, rated torque is 15.3 Nm, rated current output is 15.2 Amps, and rated voltage is 148 Volts.
Technical Specifications
  • Product series: MHD
  • Rated Voltage at 60K overtemperature with natural convection: 148 Volts.
  • Motor Weight: 45 kilograms
  • Peak Current: 239 Amps
  • Motor Housing length: 458 millimeters

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