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Bosch Rexroth Indramat presents the R911292133 (MHD093B-035-PP0-BA), a cutting-edge industrial synchronous motor. Designed to function either as a principal rotary or servo motor for industrial production machinery, it offers unbeatable resilience thanks to its housing that prevents both liquid and solid substance infiltration, making it operable even under adverse environmental conditions. This motor is optimally paired with intelligent drive controllers for a cost-efficient automation system suitable for an array of industries including machine tools, printing, paper, handling, and packaging. A unique feature of this component is its protective black coat, offering additional defense against rapid degradation from lyes, dilute acids, dilute alkalis, and seawater. The R911292133 (MHD093B-035-PP0-BA) sync motor exhibits varying operational traits relative to motor surface temperatures. At 60 Kelvin, the motor requires an input current of around 10.2 amperes to generate an output torque of 12-newton meters while at the same temperature, it draws a steady input current of roughly 11.9 amperes to produce a consistent torque output of 14.0-newton meters. Characteristically, this motor performs at about 3000 RPM but can accelerate to roughly 4500 RPM with an optimum input current of 45.9 Amperes. Keep in mind that the signal exchange between the motor and the drive controller utilizes electrically shielded power and motor feedback cables for stable and interference-free operation.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Output Torque at 60 Kelvin with 11.9 Amperes Input: 14.0-newton meter
  • Motor Surface Temperature for Input Current of 10.2 Amperes: 60 Kelvin
  • Motor Surface Temperature for Input Current of 11.9 Amperes: 60 Kelvin
  • Surface Protection: Prime Black Coat
  • Maximum Rotational Speed: 4500 revolutions per minute at 45.9 Ampere Input

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