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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The Kollmorgen S71202-NA is a digital servo amplifier specifically designed to meet the intricate demands of modern industrial automation. This amplifier operates across a voltage range of 208V to 480V, proving its versatility in various global manufacturing environments. With a rated input power of 2.2 kVA, the device can manage a continuous output current of 4 Arms at 320V, while its peak output cap reaches 9 Arms, making it beneficial for high-precision tasks. The S71202-NA further intrigues with a voltage rise speed of 3.3 kV/µs at 480V, which prevents potential electrical stress damage. Its compact size allows for strategic placement in limited areas, and noise emission is kept low at 43 dB(A) at most. Additionally, its thermal management system dissipates up to 70 watts, preventing excessive heat build-up. The S71202-NA is an effective, durable and adaptable solution for all industrial automation tasks.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Kollmorgen
  • Product Type: Servo Digital Amplifier
  • Model: S71202-NA
  • Voltage Range: 208V to 480V
  • Rated Input Power: 2.2 kVA
  • Continuous Output Current: 4 Arms at 320V
  • Peak Output: 9 Arms
  • Voltage Rise Speed: 3.3 kV/µs at 480V
  • Noise Emission Level: Max 43 dB(A)
  • Width: 70 mm (with connectors)
  • Heat Dissipation: Up to 70 watts

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