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The SC322A-001, a product of Pacific Scientific, now a part of Kollmorgen Inc, is a servo drive controller designed for efficient control and precision of servo digital motors. This model facilitates software-based configuration of current, position, and velocity loops of digital servomotors via DPM software on various computers. The SC322A-001 controller enhances motion automation processes by allowing replacement of analogue personality modules with digital ones. It has a scaling loop current capacity of 1.7 ampere per volt, a peak current rating of 7.5 amperes, and supports both standalone use and modules addition/removal. This controller is most effective with Pacific Scientific servomotors utilizing digital commutation and permanent magnet field excitation, and features a four-quadrant controller. The specifics of the product code indicate the model's capabilities, such as a torque and velocity controller with a resolver primary feedback and a 12-bit resolver to digital converter.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Pacific Scientific
  • Part Number: SC322A-001
  • Product Type: Servo Drive Controller
  • Series: SC320
  • Functionality: Controls Motion of Servo Digital Motors
  • Software: DPM Software
  • Loop Current Capacity: 1.7 Ampere per Volt
  • Peak Current Rating: 7.5 Amperes
  • Suitability: Pacific Scientific Servomotors with Digital Commutation and Permanent Magnet
  • Features: Four Quadrant Controllers, Slots for Digital and Analogue Personality Modules, Standalone Use
  • Product Code Explanation: SC - Servo Controller, 3 - Product Series, 2 - Torque and Velocity Controller with Resolver Primary Feedback, 2 - Continuous and Peak Current Ratio 3.8 Ampere to 7.5 Amperes, A - 12 bit Resolver to Digital Converter Bits
  • Field Excitation: Permanent Magnet.

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