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The SC323A-001 is a servo drive controller manufactured by Pacific Scientific, now known as Kollmorgen Inc. This product, a part of the SC320 series, controls the torque and velocity of brushless servo motors or drives. Its coded name indicates a power level of 7.5A continuous and 15A peak, and features a 12-bit resolver to digital converter with an accuracy of +/-22 arc minutes and 1024 PPR. The SC323A-001 model has versatile power options, supporting both 120V and 240V AC. All its functionalities can be digitally configured, eliminating manual controls like wire loops or dip switches. Able to function in standalone environments or in multi-axis uses, the servo drive controller is compatible with both digital and analogue personality modules. Utilizing the digital personality module software allows for easier configuration.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Pacific Scientific
  • Model: SC323A-001
  • Type: Servo Drive Controller
  • Series: 3 (Servo Controller)
  • Velocity: Uses Resolver or Encoder emulator
  • Power Level Supported: 7.5 ampere continuous, 15 ampere peak
  • Option code: A (12 bit resolver to digital converter)
  • Accurace: +/-22 arc minutes and 1024 PPR
  • Power Options: Integreated for 120V and 240V AC
  • Parts Indication: Standard factory assigned indicated by 001
  • Environment: Can be used in standalone environment
  • Motor Support: Controls torque and velocity of brushless servo motors
  • Controller Support: Supports four-quadrant controller and analog to digital personality module replacement
  • Control features: Configurable through digital personality module DPM software
  • Use: Can be used for single as well as multi-axis uses.

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