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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The SC903AN-001-01 is a servo drive from Pacific Scientific's SC900 series. It's a single axis unit offering high performance and cost-effectiveness, with a continuous power level of 7.5 A at temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius. The unit is designed with basic connector kit and does not require a fan, working well with 3 phase brushless. It is ideal for large and medium scale OEM applications and end-user applications. The SC903AN-001-01 operates via entirely digital and DSP-based controls, with built-in preset system and application parameters, comprehensive diagnostics, and protection circuits for easy setup. Designed for panel mounting, this unit features a single resolver feedback, ability to function in harsh conditions, and compatibility with all Pacific Scientific's brushless permanent magnet servo motors with torque ranges between 10 lb-in and 800lb-in. The SC903AN-001-01 is UL Recognized-508C, ISO 9001 certified, and meets CSA UL 508 specifications.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Pacific Scientific
  • Product Series: SC900
  • Model: SC903AN-001-01
  • Power Level: 7.5 A
  • Max Operating Temp: 25 degrees Celsius
  • Servo Software Type: Customization Code Base
  • Drive Type: Single Axis
  • Cooling Method: Convection
  • Connector Kit: Basic
  • Fan: No
  • Pairable Motors: 3 Phase Brushless
  • Application: Large/Medium Scale OEM, End-User
  • Control Type: All Digital, DSP Based
  • Software: Pre-set System and Application Parameters
  • Protection Features: Diagnostics and Protection Circuits
  • Mounting: Panel
  • Feedback: Single Resolver
  • Suitable Environments: Harsh
  • Compatible Motor Torque: 10 lb-in to 800lb-in
  • Safety Certification: UL Recognized-508C, ISO 9001, CSA UL 508 equivalent

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