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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


by Okuma
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Produced by Okuma, the VAC-MML11-7.5R-152-R3 is an industrial servo motor offering pollution-resistant capabilities due to its robust housing unit coated to prevent degradation from liquids. The motor, which meets international quality standards, must connect to a VAC drive unit for precise control. Light-emitting diodes on the drive unit indicate the motor's operational status in real time, providing essential utility and safety information. The motor is free from hazardous substances like asbestos, mercury and silicon. The VAC-MML11-7.5R-152-R3 performs consistently over a wide speed range, making it compatible with numerous industrial applications, and maintains approximately 95% operational efficiency. The design accommodates frequent start-stop cycles with a minimal heat output managed via natural convection and in-built, grease-lubricated ball bearings. For optimal temperature regulation, the controller should be exposed to cool air and ideally located no more than 1,000 meters above sea level.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Okuma
  • Product Type: Industrial Servo Motor
  • Protection: Durable Housing Unit
  • Additional Features: VAC Drive Unit for Accurate Control, LED Operational Status Indicators, Asbestos free, Silicon free, Mercury free
  • Speed Range: Broad
  • Applications: Metal Forming Machines, Food Processing Machines, etc.
  • Operational Efficiency: Approximately 95%
  • Special Design: Continuous Start-Stop Operations at High Repeat Frequency
  • Heat Generation: Low, Regulated via Natural Convection and Grease-Lubricated Ball Bearings
  • Installation Requirements: Position Exposing Controller to Cool Air
  • Maximum Installation Height: 1000 Meters Above Sea Level

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