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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


by Okuma
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The WCHG-200A-200A, manufactured by global industrial solutions provider Okuma, is a premium drive unit perfect for a variety of automation applications. This advanced unit aids in optimizing the efficiency of mechanical drive systems by employing intelligent operation control. The model stands out with its energy-conservation technology and compact design, making it a versatile yet sustainable choice. Capable of reliably driving two axes with a load of 200A per axis, this drive unit needs a stable voltage source and appropriate protective housing. It should be installed on a flat, clean surface, away from dust, pollutants, moisture, and high-frequency radio signal interferences. From machine tools, servo motors, paper processing, and printing to packaging machines and robotics, the WCHG-200A-200A serves a broad range of precision-reliant systems and is globally shipped following rigorous quality tests. It includes a comprehensive manual for effortless installation and setup.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Okuma
  • Product Type: Drive Units
  • Model: WCHG-200A-200A
  • Function: Enhance the efficiency of a mechanical drive system
  • Characteristics: Energy-saving technology, space-saving design
  • Load Capacity: 200A per axis
  • Voltage Source: Stable
  • Placement: Plain horizontal surface, away from dust and pollutants
  • Housing: Not safe against moisture condensation and high frequency radio signals
  • Connection Requirement: Sufficiently tight to avoid sparking
  • Applications: Machine tools, servo motors, paper processing machines, printing and packaging machines, robotics
  • Shipping: Globally, after inspecting and testing for quality
  • Package Contents: Product manual for easy installation and configuration
  • Mounting: Use standard screws.

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