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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


by KEB
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The KEB COMBIVERT 09F4S1D122012 is a high-quality drive inverter designed for seamless regulation of three-phase motors. Its dynamic operational capacity ranges from 12 to 24 amps, with a power suitability of 2.8KVA and operational voltage range of 200 - 264VA. Incorporated with an easy-to-use operator interface and an IGBT power circuit, it ensures minimized switching losses and supports up to 200% short-term overload. Significant features include in-built safety mechanisms against excessive temperatures, voltage, and current, as well as earth fault and short-circuit protection. Adhering to IEC1000 standards, the unit exhibits interference immunity and is equipped with a programmable relay output and potential-isolated digital inputs. Fully compatible with Interbus-S or other gateways such as PROFIBUS and CAN, the 09F4S1D122012 can be easily integrated into your network infrastructure. Installation should maintain the stipulated height and distance regulations for optimal performance.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: KEB
  • Product: 09F4S1D122012 KEB COMBIVERT Drive Inverter
  • Usage: Regulates step-less three-phase motors
  • Capacity: 12 to 24 amp, 2.8KVA, 1PH, 200 – 264VA
  • Interface: Operator friendly
  • Power circuit: IGBT
  • Overload capacity: Up to 200% short time
  • Protection Devices: Against excessive temperature voltage or current
  • Safety features: Earth fault-proof, conditional short circuit
  • Standards: IEC1000
  • Interferences: Immune
  • Output: Programmable relay
  • Additional features: DC brake, 3 fixed frequencies, auto boost, slip compensation, speed search, stabilization to output voltage, adjustable current limits
  • Networking: Via Interbus-S gateway, Profibus, CAN gateways
  • Installation height(: Maximum 2000 m with power reduction of 1% per 100 m over 1000 m
  • Installation requirements: Vertically, with drilled and shielded cables
  • Cable setup: Power and control cables laid separately, 10-20 cm distance between both. Crossings in right angle where applicable.

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