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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The 6410-024-N-N-N is a stepper drive from Pacific Scientific, part of the Danaher Motion Pacific Scientific range. Specially designed to provide solutions for automation industry challenges, it excels in a multitude of applications, including X-Y table movements, labeling machines, packaging systems, and robotics. The product is equipped with critical features including a self-clearing function for errors or power oversupply and a high chop frequency capacity of up to 20 KHz, courtesy of the MOSFET power device. This helps eliminate loud noises for smoother operation. Further enhancing its technical prowess, it adheres to safety standards by ensuring motor winding is equal to its rated output. It also features the Idle Current Reduction - a mechanism that reduces motor winding current by up to 50% during the motor's dwell phase. Output power level stands at 7.1 A peak, 5 A rms 24-75 Vdc, and it belongs to the stepper drive (6000) drive family type.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Product Manufacturer: Pacific Scientific
  • Specializations: Energy Solutions, Oil & Gas, Aircraft, Laser and Electronic Ordinance System, Actuators, Integrated Systems
  • Product Type: Stepper Drive
  • Product Model: 6410-024-N-N-N
  • Application: X-Y Table and Slides, Packaging System, Labeling Machines, Robot Machinery
  • Safety Feature: Automatic Cycle of Power
  • Power Level: 7.1 A Peak, 5 A rms 24-75 Vdc
  • Additional Features: No Heat Sink, Connector Kit and Cover Option, MOSFET Power Device, Idle Current Reduction, High Resolution Recompense
  • Product Family: Stepper Drive (6000)
  • Chop Frequency: Up-to 20 KHz.

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