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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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Kollmorgen's AKD-P00306-NACC-0000 is an Ethernet servo drive that operates as a position indexer. It supports time delays and is compatible with a variety of encoders. Lacking a built-in regen resistor, this device can be deployed in induction machines and utilized as an adjustable digital velocity controller. With a depth of 156 mm, it maintains a Class 3K3 standard during operation and offers a +/- 12 VDC voltage rating for the analog inputs. The drive, operating with a 9 Arms with +/-3% peak output current tolerance for 5 seconds, produces no noise since it doesn’t have an inbuilt fan. The device enables quick data acquisition and supports an easy plug-and-play motor setup with a high throughput. Equipped with over-temperature, current, and voltage detection, it provides real-time performance feedback. It can be set up using the WorkBench software and operates with a 10 kHz switching frequency in the output stage. Its external power supply allows for a time-delay fuse connective of up to 10A.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Product Model: AKD-P00306-NACC-0000
  • Manufacturer: Kollmorgen
  • Device Type: Ethernet Servo Drive
  • Function: Position Indexer
  • Additional Feature: Time Delays Addable
  • Encoder Compatibility: Wide Range
  • Regen Resistor: None
  • Installation Compatibility: Induction Machinery
  • Operation Mode: Adjustable Digital Velocity Controller
  • Operating Standard: Class 3K3
  • Product Depth: 156 mm (excluding connectors)
  • Voltage Rating: +/-12 VDC (analog inputs)
  • Peak Output Current: 9 Arms (+/- 3% tolerance for 5 seconds)
  • Noise Emission: None (no inbuilt fan)
  • Data Acquisition Speed: Fast (with PC compatible TCP/IP)
  • Motor Setup: Plug-and-play
  • Additional Features: Over-temperature, current and voltage detection
  • Feedback: Real-time performance feedback
  • Deployment: Single-axis and multiple-axis systems
  • Software Support: WorkBench (for setup and installation)
  • Earth Block Connector Torque: Up to 1.7 Nm
  • Switching Frequency: 10 kHz (output stage)
  • External Power Supply: Time-delay fuse connection up to 10 A
  • Motor Connection Cable Length: Up to 25 m without motor choke.

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