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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The Kollmorgen AKD-P02407-NBEI-I000 is an Ethernet-based servo drive capable of being integrated with manufacturer's Kollmorgen Automation Suite. Designed with an X11 serial interface connector, two rotary switches, a push-button, and an LED display, the drive supports encoder emulation and adheres to EU Italian standards. As a safety measure, the device shuts down autonomously when overheating is detected. Installation must allow unimpeded ventilation and avoid surrounding by conductive materials. Incorrect mains voltage can cause damage, and leakage current exceeds 3.5 mA. Live sections and connectors are present even when powered-off, thus, a qualified electrical engineer must handle installation. The drive requires vertical mounting and connects to the corresponding motor via shielded cables. The LED display shows the unit's IP address when the B1 push-button is activated. Ground leads must have the same or smaller gauge than the main power leads to minimize electrical noise.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Kollmorgen
  • Product Code: AKD-P02407-NBEI-I000
  • Network: Ethernet-based
  • Compatibility: Kollmorgen Automation Suite
  • Required Setup: Grounding implementation
  • Capability: Encoder emulation support
  • Interface Connection: X11 serial interface connector
  • Operation Support Features: Two rotary switches, a push-button, LED display
  • Compliance: EU Italian Standards
  • Overheat Protection: Yes
  • Location Requirement: Non-conductive surrounding
  • Ventilation: Unimpeded ventilation required
  • Connection: As per connection diagram
  • Mains Voltage Sensitivity: Yes
  • Leakage Current: Higher than 3.5 mA
  • Safety Measures: Potentially live sections and connectors immediately after operation
  • Installation Qualification: Professional staff with electrical engineering qualifications
  • Installation Orientation: Vertical
  • Cable Type: Shielded cables for motor connection
  • Additional Capability: Encoder emulation with X9 connector
  • Indicators: Displays IP address on LED when B1 push-button is pressed
  • Electrical Noise Reduction: Same or smaller gauge ground leads as main power leads.

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