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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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Kollmorgen, renowned for their high-performance, cost-effective servomotors, manufactures the AKM43E-SSSSS-02. This product stands apart with its specialized feedback, holding brake, connections, shaft, and flange. Featuring an 84mm flange size, three rotor lengths, and E type winding, this servo motor offers excellent control precision, rapid and adaptive load response, and automatic gain adjustments, making it highly convenient for factories. The fail-safe holding brake presents static holding torque when the brake coil is de-energized, not used for dynamic braking. Key specifications include 5.3Nm minimum static torque, 0.63kg weight, and 0.068kg-cm2 inertia, with five pole pairs and a 20-minute thermal time constant. The maximum rated DC bus voltage is 640Vdc, with a continuous 2.76Arms current at standstill and 6000rpm mechanical speed. The accompanying Kollmorgen AKD amplifier enhances servo performance. This maintenance-free, brushless servomotor, with customizable windings, flexible flange mounts, and shaft options, promises smooth, efficient operations, with high acceleration and torque density.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Kollmorgen
  • Product Model: AKM43E-SSSSS-02
  • Motor Type: Servo
  • Features: Special feedback, powerful holding brake, special connections
  • Shaft and Flange: Special
  • Flange Size: 84mm
  • Rotor Length: 3
  • Winding Type: E
  • Benefits: Precise motor control, adaptive to dynamic loads, automatic gains adjustments, compensation for stiff and compliant transmission and couplings
  • Static Torque: 5.3Nm minimum
  • Weight: 0.63kg
  • Inertia: 0.068kg-cm2
  • Pole Pairs: 5
  • Thermal Time Constant: 20 min
  • Static Friction: 0.038Nm
  • Maximum Rated DC Bus Voltage: 640Vdc
  • Continuous Current at Standstill: 2.76Arms
  • Mechanical Speed: 6000rpm
  • Compatibility: Designed to work with Kollmorgen AKD amplifier
  • Additional Features: Customizable shafts and windings, flexible shaft options, flange mounts, low clogging, low harmonic distortion, high acceleration, torque density, numerous connection options, class F insulation materials, high-temperature tolerance up to 100 degrees.

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