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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


by Okuma
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Produced by Okuma Corporation, a leading solution provider in Asia, the BDU-75A Servomotor Drive is instrumental in the servo control unit. It accepts command signals from the control unit, amplifies these commands and directs the resulting electric currents to the attached servomotor. In order to attain highly precise results, the drive uses a sensor to compare the servomotor's actual status with the command status, and adjusts its frequency, pulse width, and voltage if there's any deviation. The BDU-75A Drive incorporates ZB axis control and is compatible with the BL-120E20 AC servomotor or its equivalent, offering a continuous stall torque of 12.6 Nm and a rated speed of 2000 RPM. Its power consumption is 345 Watts, it is operational at ambient temperatures of 0-40 degrees Celsius, and a humidity level below 85% RH. With a standard input voltage of 200-220 volts, its current variations (0-50A) allow the drive increased precision and accuracy.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Okuma
  • Product Type: Servomotor Drive
  • Type: A
  • Axis Control: ZB Axis
  • Servomotor: BL-120E20
  • Stall Torque: 12.6 Nm
  • Rated Speed: 2000 RPM
  • Control Type: E
  • Power Consumption: 345 Watts
  • Ambient Temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius
  • Humidity: Below 85% RH
  • Shaft: Taper Shaft
  • Input Voltage: 200-220 volts
  • Current Variation: 0-50 A

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