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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


by Vickers
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The Vickers EEA-PAM-581-A-30 unit, a product of Vickers, an esteemed manufacturer of quality motion control accessories, is meticulously designed with accuracy in mind. Designed for optimum performance, the unit delivers accurate acceleration and deceleration values when certain conditions are met. This includes the use of the smallest possible valves and corresponding spools, and maintaining power supply at 24V with fixed parameter values of command and output signals. Its key command signals include non-inverting current, non-inverting voltages, differential voltages, and inverting voltages. Installation of the EEA-PAM-581-A-30 amplifier should be performed as per provided instructions, respecting the recommended installation height and temperature ranges. The unit features indicative LEDs that communicate the unit’s condition, including solenoid current, command control, power and overload indications. The product demonstrates Vickers' continued commitment to innovation, quality, and efficiency.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Vickers
  • Product Type: Motion Control Accessories
  • Product Evaluation: Quality, Rugged, Long-lasting, Scalable, Innovative, Cost-effective, Highly efficient
  • Available Products: Drive Controllers, Servo Drives, Encoders, Supply Modules, Servo Motors, Step Motors, Power Cables, CNC, Gearing
  • Specific Unit: EEA-PAM-581-A-30
  • Performance Requirement: Use smallest valves and corresponding spools
  • Power Requirement: 24V
  • Major Command Signals: Non-inverting current, Non-inverting voltages, Differential voltages, Inverting voltages
  • Installation Instruction: Follow photo-documented instructions
  • Installation Height: Not to be exceeded
  • Temperature Range: As recommended
  • Mounting Approach: Top-Down
  • Unit Indicators: 24V Power, Overload, Command control, Current to solenoid

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