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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The Bosch Rexroth HDS03.2-W075N motion control product serves as a highly responsive system for speed and positional control applications. Compatible with 2AD (asynchronous) and 1 MB (frameless) motors, it doubles as the main spindle drive and an autonomous servo platform. Its versatility makes it crucial in industries like woodworking, metal machining, packaging, paper manufacturing, and machine tools. It comes with a fiber optic cable for a stable Sercos interface connection. The device's standard configuration features slots for software, communication, and plug-in modules. It also accommodates the HSM software module used in storing critical drive parameters. Suitable operation conditions range within temperatures of 5°C to 45°C and elevations not exceeding a 1000 meters. Its modular structure allows expedient replacement and function-preserving software module installation. The device can connect to the ARCNET bus system, and an absolute encoder emulator can generate actual position values for the synchronous serial interface.
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Technical Specifications
  • Product: Bosch Rexroth HDS03.2-W075N Drive Controller
  • Usage: Rapid response system for position and speed control applications
  • Compatibility: Compatible with 2AD (asynchronous) and 1MB (frameless) motors
  • Additional Feature: Serves as main spindle drive and independent servo platform
  • Industry Uses: Woodworking, Metal Machining, Packaging Machines, Machine Tools, Paper Printing, Paper Manufacturing
  • Connection: Fiber optic cable for stable connection with Sercos interface
  • Configuration: Includes various plug-in slots for communication, plug-in, and software modules
  • Software Compatibility: Compatible with HSM software module for storing important drive parameters
  • Operating Temperature: 5 ᵒC to 45 ᵒC
  • Operating Altitude: Recommended to function best below 1000 meters above sea level
  • Ease of Maintenance: Modular structure allows for quick unit replacement and software module installation
  • Connection Option: Compatible with ARCNET coupler card for connection with ARCNET bus system
  • Additional Feature: Can generate position values with synchronous serial interface using absolute encoder emulator.

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