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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The Indramat KSM01.2B-041C-42N-M1-HP2-SE-NN-D7-NN-FW stands as a pinnacle of servo drive technology, representing Indramat's commitment to innovation, precision, and reliability. This advanced servo drive system is meticulously engineered to meet the demanding requirements of modern industrial applications, offering a comprehensive range of features tailored to optimize performance and efficiency.

At its core, the KSM01.2B-041C-42N-M1-HP2-SE-NN-D7-NN-FW leverages state-of-the-art servo algorithms and high-resolution feedback mechanisms to ensure exceptional accuracy and responsiveness in motion control tasks. Whether tasked with maintaining precise positioning, regulating velocity, or controlling torque, this drive system consistently delivers reliable performance, even in dynamic and challenging operating environments.

One of the key features of the KSM01.2B-041C-42N-M1-HP2-SE-NN-D7-NN-FW is its versatility and adaptability. With support for various communication protocols, motor types, and feedback devices, it offers users the flexibility to customize the drive system to meet specific application requirements. This adaptability facilitates seamless integration into existing automation systems or new installations, empowering industries to optimize their motion control setups for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Moreover, the KSM01.2B-041C-42N-M1-HP2-SE-NN-D7-NN-FW is engineered for durability and longevity, capable of withstanding the rigors of industrial environments with ease. Its robust construction and advanced thermal management ensure reliable operation even in harsh conditions characterized by high temperatures, vibration, and electromagnetic interference. By minimizing downtime and maintenance requirements, this drive system maximizes uptime and enhances overall equipment effectiveness, enabling industries to meet the challenges of modern manufacturing with confidence.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Product: IndraDrive Mi Drive System
  • Manufacturer: Rexroth
  • Components: KSM Motors, KCU Electronic Control System
  • Terminal Connector: RHS0004
  • Shaft Type Options: Plain Shaft or Shaft with Keyways
  • Extra Features: Electrically Released Holding Brakes, Integrated Encoder Systems
  • Safety Precautions: Avoid Parts with Conducting Voltages Above 50V
  • Specific Model: KSM01.2B-041C-42N-M1-HP2-SE-NN-D7-NN-FW
  • Operating Environment Temperature: 0 to 40 Degrees Celsius
  • Insulation Class: 155
  • Maximum Speed: 5500 min-1
  • Maximum Torque: 9.4 Nm
  • Maximum Current: 6.8 A

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