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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The R22HSNA-R1-NS-NV-04 is a 4 pole synchronous servo motor, produced by Pacific Scientific. It utilizes rare earth magnets of samarium cobalt providing an optimal torque-to-inertia ratio, ensuring high quality dynamic response. Despite its impressive power, this motor is housed in a compact unit, ideal for applications catering to limited installation spaces. The mounting type and shaft, motor sequence number, and transmitter type are factory predetermined. It also incorporates a Frameless resolver with a primary feedback size of 15. The motor operates on a maximum 320V DC bus, has an 18-inch lead with MS type connectors, and is equipped with an anti-cog stator design. Safety provisions include a thermistor for protection against overheating, and Class H insulation providing operational resilience under suboptimal conditions. Built-in "O" rings serve to extend bearing life, and the motor offers a torque range of 0.3 to 1.1 Nm at speeds reaching 11,000 RPM.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Pacific Scientific
  • Product Code: R22HSNA-R1-NS-NV-04
  • Motor Type: Servo Motor
  • Design: Compact, Small Housing
  • Transmission Type: Factory Assigned
  • Feedback Type: Frameless Resolver, Primary Feedback Size 15, No Secondary Feedback
  • Pole Synchronous: 4 Poles
  • Magnet Type: Samarium Cobalt Permanent Magnets
  • Maximum Voltage: 320V dc
  • Connection Type: 18-inch Leads with MS Type Connectors
  • Motor Design: Anti-Cog Stator Design
  • Rated Speed: Up to 11,000 RPM
  • Torque Range: 0.3 to 1.1 Nm for Continuous Torque
  • Protection Features: Thermistor Against Overheating, Insulation of Class H Specifications, “O” Rings for Longer Bearing Life

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