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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The S33HNNA-RNNM-00 is a sophisticated motor developed by Pacific Scientific, a company internationally recognized for manufacturing high-end automation products. Engineered with modern technology, this motor has been thoroughly tested to offer unmatched quality and performance. Ideal for various applications, it provides superior efficiency and durability. This motor features a voltage constant of 0.94 V/kRPM and a torque constant of 1.5 Nm/A with a standstill continuous current of 3.5 Amps. Its line-to-line resistance is 5.2 Ohms with an inductance of 17 Mh. It has a maximum torque of 15.3 Nm and a continuous torque at standstill of 5.3 Nm. The motor's moment of inertia stands at 0.48 kgm3 x10-3, and its maximum static friction is 0.17 Nm. Weighing 6.5 kgs, it's designed to offer exceptional performance and longevity.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Pacific Scientific
  • Product Type: Servo Motor
  • Model Number: S33HNNA-RNNM-00
  • Voltage Constant: 0.94 V/kRPM
  • Torque Constant: 1.5 Nm/A
  • Continuous Current at Stand Still: 3.5 Amps
  • Line to Line Resistance: 5.2 Ohms
  • Inductance (Line to Line): 17 Mh
  • Unit’s Current at Max Torque: 12.3 Amps
  • Typical Rated Speed at 400V AC and 560V DC: 3000 RPM
  • Typical Rated Torque at 400V AC and 560V DC: 4Nm
  • Typical Rated Speed at 320V DC and 240V AC: 1500 RPM
  • Typical Rated Torque at 320V DC and 240V AC: 4.7 Nm
  • Maximum Torque: 15.3 Nm
  • Continuous Torque at Standstill: 5.3 Nm
  • Moment of Inertia: 0.48 kgm3 x10-3
  • Maximum Static Friction: 0.17 Nm
  • Viscous Damping Coefficient: 0.047 Nm/kRPM
  • Weight: 6.5 kgs

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