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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

SM 25/50-TC

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The Bosch Rexroth Indramat SM 25/50-TC is an innovative inverter system designed to optimize performance of industrial servo motors. This system integrates a brushless tacho and rotor position detector to control motor speed and position. It features power semiconductors that allow the inverter to produce the required torque at any speed. With a 25 A rated current and a peak current of 50 A, this device also incorporates a forced ventilation cooling system equipped with a 24 DC axial blower. The current regulation function allows for continuous rotor position adjustments. The SM 25/50-TC automatically monitors for over/under-voltage faults and issues fault signals via an onboard diagnostics module. Additionally, it implements protections against excessive winding temperature and short-circuits in motor connections, as well as tacho line faults.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth Indramat
  • Product Type: Inverter System
  • Model: SM 25/50-TC
  • Function: Control of Servo Motors
  • Equipped With: Brushless Tacho, Rotor Position Detector
  • Peak Current: 50 A
  • Rated Current: 25 A
  • Cooling Mechanism: Forced Ventilation with 24 DC axial blower
  • Current Regulation: Inbuilt Function
  • Rotor Position Adjustment: Yes
  • Voltage Fault Monitor: Overvoltage and Undervoltage
  • Temperature Control: Motor winding temperature and heat sink temperature monitored
  • Short-Circuit Protection: Yes
  • Tacho Line Fault Detection: Yes
  • Fault Signal Reset: Inbuilt Diagnostics Module.

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