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The AKD-T02407/, or AKD BASIC drive, is an Ethernet-based servo device manufactured by Kollmorgen. Designed for individuals with knowledge of electrical engineering and drive technology, this unit requires specific installation and commissioning processes detailed in the product documentation. Safety precautions include conducting a risk assessment of the installation machine to prevent damage or injuries from unexpected movements. Prior to use, the drive-motor combination should be verified to prevent damage to the drive. The device may restart automatically upon power-up, based on set parameters, thus handled only by personnel after they have electrostatically discharged. It needs to be always placed on a conductive surface and requires low-resistance earthing for personnel safety. Copper cables are required for wiring and the device operates only when regional directives are followed. Its rated current shouldn't exceed 200 kA at 240 V, 400 V, and 480 V. Transformer inclusion is needed when connected to a different voltage supply network. The device doesn't have DC input voltage ratings.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Kollmorgen
  • Product ID: AKD-T02407
  • Type: Ethernet-based servo drive
  • Requirement for Unpacking and Basic Tests: knowledge of electrical engineering and drive technology
  • Requirement for Commissioning and Installation: reading its associated documentation
  • Installation Requirement: installation is permitted only in a machine for which risk assessment is done and measures to prevent damage to property or personnel injury have been implemented
  • Pre-Use Check: check the drive-motor combination to prevent drive damage
  • Power Behavior: may restart on its own when power is turned on depending on set parameter
  • Handling Requirement: handled by personnel only after they have electrostatically discharged themselves
  • Storage Requirement: intended to be placed on a conductive surface
  • Safety Assurance: no assurance of personnel protection without low-resistance earthing
  • Heatsink Temperature: must be less than 40 °C for it to be touched after operation
  • Wiring: meant to be done only with cables having copper conductors
  • Usage Condition: can be used only if the associated machine or plant adheres to the requirements of the regional directives
  • Symmetrical Rated Current: should not exceed 200 kA at 240 V, 400 V, and 480 V
  • Power Supply Specification: Should include an extra isolating transformer when connected to a supply network of another voltage
  • DC Input Voltage: no manufacturer-defined ratings.

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