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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The KSM01.2B-071C-35N-M1-HP0-SE-NN-D7-NN-FW servo drive unit epitomizes the forefront of precision and innovation in industrial automation, designed and manufactured by Indramat, a pioneering name in motion control technology. This servo drive unit represents a culmination of meticulous engineering and cutting-edge design, catering to the intricate needs of modern manufacturing, robotics, and packaging industries.

At its core, the KSM01.2B-071C-35N-M1-HP0-SE-NN-D7-NN-FW embodies a commitment to seamless and accurate motion control. Engineered with advanced technology and precision components, this servo drive unit ensures optimal performance across a spectrum of industrial environments. Its robust construction and high-speed capabilities make it well-suited for a diverse range of applications, from intricate machining processes to dynamic robotic movements.

What sets the KSM01.2B-071C-35N-M1-HP0-SE-NN-D7-NN-FW apart is its versatility and adaptability to various application requirements. Offering customizable options such as feedback types and communication interfaces, users have the flexibility to tailor the unit to meet their specific needs. Furthermore, its compact design facilitates straightforward integration into existing automation systems, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Backed by Indramat's reputation for quality and reliability, the KSM01.2B-071C-35N-M1-HP0-SE-NN-D7-NN-FW servo drive unit represents an unparalleled solution for businesses seeking to enhance motion control capabilities in industrial settings.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Product Series: KSM Servo Drive
  • Design Type: Type-II
  • Performance: Basic
  • Frame Length: C
  • Frame Size: 71
  • Brake: None
  • Cooling Mechanism: Convective
  • Electrical Connection: Hybrid
  • Weight: 9.5 kg
  • Shaft Design: Shaft with keyway and sealing ring
  • Communication Interface: SERCOS II
  • Encoder: Electromechanical Optical Encoder with Multiturn-Absolute Hiperface and 128 increments
  • DC Voltage: 750 V
  • Maximum Speed: 3400 min-1
  • Safety Technology Option: None
  • Compatible Firmware: Must be obtained as separate sub-item
  • Maximum Current: 17.7 Amperes
  • Insulation Class: 155 (EN 60034 – 1)
  • Ingress Protection Rating: 65 (IEC 60529)
  • Ambient Air Temperature During Operation: 0 … 40 oC
  • Transportation Requirements: No icing, moisture, or condensation
  • Permissible Absolute Humidity: 1 – 60 g/m3

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