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The R911265405 (DKC01.1-030-3-FW) is an AC servo amplifier drive controller, a product of Bosch Rexroth Indramat. As a component of the DKC product line, this amplifier boasts a slew of digital intelligence properties. With its roots in German design, the controller belongs to the ECODRIVE family, an automation system that works in tandem with a servo motor and drive controller. Its common applications are seen in industrial sectors such as handling, assembly, and packaging. Standout features include a dual position seven-segment display, useful for detailing internal conditions and diagnosing errors. It's a robust device that caters to a range of power connection ratings including 30A current type and 300VDC, connecting to one or three-phase 230V power supplies, and three-phase supplies from 380V to 480V. The R911265405 (DKC01.1-030-3-FW) comes with factory assigned firmware and is categorized as a series 1 version 1. The ECODRIVE type 1 controllers employ built-in ASE firmware, which enables transmittance of actual position values in both incremental and absolute layouts. The DKC drive controller boasts a suite of features, providing a user-friendly setup via an installation and diagnostic program named DRIVETOP. A qualified professional, however, should always handle and install the product.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Power Supply Compatibility: Single and Three Phase 230V, Three Phase 380V to 480V
  • Product Type: AC Servo Amplifier Drive Controller
  • Series: DKC
  • Display: Dual Position Seven Segment
  • Install Program: DRIVETOP

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