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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The AKM22E-ACBNR-01, produced by Kollmorgen, belongs to the AKM series of brushless asynchronous servomotors, renowned for versatility. Equipped with straight connectors at cable ends and fitted inside a casing which can be cleaned using isopropanol or equivalent solvents, the motor boasts a rotor length of 2, E type winding, and a 58mm flange, per IEC standards. Considering its keyway shaft as per DIN748, shaft seal, and nameplate containing detailed specifications, it provides a comprehensive picture of its functionalities. This servomotor can be stored in the original packaging indefinitely at a temperature range of -25°C to +55°C, and must be coupled with a compatible digital servo amplifier for optimum performance. Lastly, transportation and installation need special attention, specifically regarding avoiding shocks and ensuring EMC shielding, while maintaining a 20cm distance between power and control cables.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Kollmorgen
  • Product Line: AKM Series
  • Product Type: Asynchronous Servomotors
  • Connector Type: Straight
  • Communtation: Electronically
  • Rotor Length: 2
  • Winding Type: E
  • Flange Size: 2 or 58mm
  • IEC Specifications: Yes
  • Shaft Type: Keyway DIN748
  • Shaft Seal: Included
  • Nameplate: Included
  • Matching Amplifier: Required
  • Cable Distance: More than 20cm
  • Site of Installation: Free of aggressive and conductive material
  • EMC Shielding: Required
  • Motor Chokes Location: Close to servo amplifier
  • Thermal Time Constant: 9 minutes
  • Transport Safety: Shocks must be avoided
  • Storage Temperature: -25°C to +55°C
  • Cleaning Agent: Isopropanol or similar.

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