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The Beckhoff CX8010 is a programmable EtherCAT Slave controller equipped with a 32-bit ARM-based CPU. Primarily, it's utilized as a subordinate device for superior fieldbus systems and the execution of PLC programs. Unlike standard EtherCAT couplers, the CX8010 is programmable, enabling it to run its individual control system. The controller connects via an Ethernet interface to regular networks and it features an integrated 1-second UPS for critical data saving when supply voltage fails. Data is saved non-volatilely, eliminating battery backup necessity. Highlighting its high-speed 32-bit ARM processor, energy saving capabilities, and an EtherCAT I/O bus, the CX8010 provides superior fieldbus connection performance. Its installation on a mounting rail is straightforward, signaled by audible clicks when correctly positioned. To ensure safety, the device should be housed within an IP 54 protection for gas, strictly complying with the 60079-15 guidelines.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Beckhoff
  • Model: CX8010
  • Device Type: Programmable EtherCAT Slave controller
  • CPU: 32-bit ARM-based
  • Use: To process PLC programs and as a slave device for higher-level fieldbus systems
  • Programming Method: Through Ethernet Interface
  • Special Feature: Integrated & captive 1-second UPS
  • Function: Can run its own control system and save important data in a non-volatile manner without need of a backup battery
  • Installation: Can be easily snapped on a mounting rail
  • Housing Requirement: Must be installed in a housing with IP 54 protection for gas
  • Installation Guidelines: Must be installed in compliance with 60079-15 guidelines
  • Bus Type: EtherCAT that serves as an I/O bus
  • Energy Saving: Yes

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