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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


by Vickers
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The EEA-PAM-561-A-14, produced by Vickers, serves as a basic amplifier, explicitly formulated for use with Vickers type KFDG5V-5/7/8 two-stage proportional valves. These valves are ideal for applications necessitating a single, adjustable ramp setting for both acceleration and deceleration. The amplifier functions with specified analog command input signals including non-inverting, inverting current, or various voltages, all powered by a 24VDC supply facilitated by a 24V logic signal. Ramp settings on the controller can be enabled or disabled through customized wiring connected to an external switch. The front panel features LEDs for power status display and control supplies and outputs. Also, it houses potentiometers for adjustments to the ramp, deadband compensation, and gain. This amplifier also exemplifies a broad supply voltage range, high ripple tolerance, added monitor on the edge connector, and constant trigger voltage for deadband compensation. It's compatible with testing equipment, power supply options, and other electronic accessories detailed in the catalog.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Vickers
  • Product Type: Basic Amplifier
  • Compatible With: Vickers type KFDG5V-5/7/8
  • Application: One Ramp Setting suitable for acceleration and deceleration
  • Ramp Settings: Adjustable
  • Command Input Signals: Non-inverting, Inverting Current, Different Voltages
  • Power Supply: 24VDC
  • Control Enabled: Ramp on Controller via 24V Logic Signal
  • Front Panel Features: LEDs to display power status and controls supply, Potentiometers for Ramp, Deadband Compensation and Gain Adjustment
  • Valve Amplifier Features: Wide Supply Voltage Range, High Tolerance to Ripple, Low Supply Voltage Protection, Additional Monitor on Edge Connector, Constant trigger for Deadband Compensation
  • Supporting Products: Electronic accessories, Testing Equipment (portable), Variety of Power Supply options

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